Operator Rate Manager

Operator Rate Manager

Operator Rate Manager

Developed By: Ynetinteractive

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Advanced Operator SMS Rate Manager

This add-on allows you to easily and quickly manage SMS rates for a selected operator without having to update each individual operator prefix

Main Features

  • Manage custom operator with defined number prefixes
  • Manage rates for each operator
  • Compatible with Sendroid Ultimate 3.0 and above

How to Install

1, After you purchase the add-on, download the latest installation files from the download section

2, Login to your Sendroid Ultimate as an admin and navigate to Tools -> Module Manager from the main menu

3, Click on Install New Module then Upload the downloaded ZIP file and install

4, After successfully installing the module, enable it and it will now be available under the Settings menu

How To Use

1, Click '"Add Operator" to Create your Operators, defining comma separated list of number prefixes,.
2, Click "Set Rate" to Assign desired Rate to each operator

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