Whatsapp Chat-bot

Whatsapp Chat-bot

Whatsapp Chat-bot

Developed By: Ynetinteractive

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Integrate and offer Whatsapp Chat-bot system with Sendroid Ultimate

?Build chatbots and conversational experiences on Whatsapp, the most popular messaging app in the world with Sendroid Ultimate.

With this Whatsapp Chat-bot add-on, You can now have a full featured Whatsapp-based chat-bot and auto-responder system integrated seamlessly with your Sendroid Ultimate.

How It Works
  • You create chat-bots, each with its own assigned whatsapp API and number
  • You setup your Whatsapp gateway callback if required
  • You add as many chat-phrases you want to each chat-bots
  • The chat-bot will automatically respond to incoming whatsapp chats based on best matching keywords contained in the message
  • If more than one match was found, the system will respond with a suggestion list for the sender to chose from
  • If no match is found, the system will ask the sender to rephrase the message.

Main Features
  • Auto respond to incoming messages based on keywords/phrases
  • Unlimited Chat-bots
  • Unlimited chat-triggers
  • Feature to join in any ongoing chat
  • Works with APIWHA, Chat-api, SMSKit.net and Waboxapp

How To Install

1, Purchase the module and download the installer

2, Login to your Sendroid Ultimate as a supper admin

3, Navigate to Tools -> Module Manager and click the Install New Module button

4, Upload the installer Zip and install

5, After installation, enable the module

Once enabled, this add-on will be accessible from Extras -> Whatsapp Chatbot.

How To Use

- On the module home screen, click on "Create New" to create a new chatbot

- Enter the desired chatvot name, whatsapp number, then select your whatsapp provider from the list of supported providers and follow the instructions on the popup to setup

- Most providers require that you set a callback URL for your incoming whatsapp messages. For that, use your Sendroid Ultimate base URL as your callback URL (i.e. https://your sendroidurl.com/index.php). Please contact your whatsapp provider for instructions on where and how to set callback URL for your whatsapp numbers.

- After you have created a chatbot, click on the "Manage" link next to the chatbot to manage the chatbot triggers (keywords that triggers automated response)

- While creating triggers, ensure to use Unique "words" for each trigger keyword. Do not use only numbers as doing so may affect the logics of the bot

- After creating a trigger, remember to "Enable" it, else it will not be usable


- If you are not able to receive any message in the chatbot, make sure that 1, You have created some triggers. 2, Your triggers are enabled. 3, You have supplied a valid callback URL to your whatsapp provider. 4, The whatsapp number used in creating the chatbot is exactly same as one used at your provider's website

- If you are receiving whatsapp message in the chatbot but no responses are being sent, ensure that; 1, Your triggers are enabled. 2, The keyword sent in the message matches Exactly the one set on the trigger.

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