Advanced Message Queue Manager

Advanced Message Queue Manager

Advanced Message Queue Manager

Developed By: Ynetinteractive

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Process much more queued messages in one minute on your Sendroid Ultimate with Milt-Threading Technology

We understand it can take forever sometimes to complete a very large message queue on Sendroid Ultimate using its regular message queuing system

With this Advanced Queued Message Management add-on, you can now control how fast message queues are processed on your server while keeping an eye on your system performance too.

This add-on can either replace or work along-side the inbuilt queuing system to achieve faster message processing..

How It Works
  • You configure the add-on and set how many concurrent threads to run as well as allocated memory and time to rest between each thread
  • You set a Cron job to run the add-on's Cron script every minute
  • The system will run multiple simultaneous instances of Sendroid Ultimate message processing Cron at same time every minute based on your configuration

Note that setting more threads will increase sending speed but may also lead to more load on your server and increased CPU usage.

  • Sendroid Ultimate 2.0 or higher
  • PHP 5.6 or higher (7.0 recommended)
  • Minimum of 2 GB Memory
  • Cron Job

How To Install

1, Purchase the module and download the installer

2, Login to your Sendroid Ultimate as a supper admin

3, Navigate to Tools -> Module Manager and click the Install New Module button

4, Upload the installer Zip and install

5, After installation, enable the module

Once enabled, this add-on will be accessible from Extras -> Advanced Queue Manager.

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