Advanced Dynamic Messaging

Advanced Dynamic Messaging

Advanced Dynamic Messaging

Developed By: Ynetinteractive

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Integrate Dynamic and Personalized Messaging to your Sendroid Ultimate

Sending message to a dedicated group of users is tough through the normal methods. And when your content for every user is different, the job becomes even tedious.

With this Advanced Dynamic Messaging add-on, sending dynamic/personalized messages is so easy and fast! You can simply upload an Excel file containing the recipients with other dynamic fields and the system will customize the message for each recipient.

This add-on works with your Sendroid Ultimate routing rules and supports Text, MMS, Unicode and WhatsApp.

How It Works
  • Uploads an excel file containing the recipients phone numbers and other dynamic field
  • Select the Excel Column containing the recipients numbers
  • Select message type to send
  • Insert the dynamic fields into your message body using the column alphabet tags e.g. type {A} to insert the content of Excel Column A for each row
  • Send your message and the system will automatically customize your message for each recipient while sending the message.

Main Features
  • Send customized messages to unlimited recipients from Excel file
  • Message preview feature
  • Accessible to both admin, resellers and customers
  • Background message processing for optimal performance
  • Supports Text, WhatsApp, MMS, Unicode
  • Support XLS file format

How To Install

1, Purchase the module and download the installer

2, Login to your Sendroid Ultimate as a supper admin

3, Navigate to Tools -> Module Manager and click the Install New Module button

4, Upload the installer Zip and install

5, After installation, enable the module

Once enabled, this add-on will be accessible from Extras -> Dynamic Messaging.

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