Take your bulk SMS business to the Next Level with the new Sendroid Ultimate Mobile App!

- Super Friendly Design
- Fully Branded for your Business
- Built for Speed & Performance
- Supports Text, Voice, WhatsApp, MMS, Unicode & Flash
- Send messages to your Phone Contacts
- Access Inbox, Draft & Message History on the fly
- SMS Chat
- In-app user registration and& account management
- Synchronized with Sendroid Ultimate web version
- Flexible payment plans
- Ready within 48 hours
- Compatible with Sendroid Ultimate 2.0 and higher
- Available for Android, iOS & Windows devices
- Optional App Store submission service
  ... and so much more

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Pricing Preview

Sendroid Ultimate mobile app preview

Super Friendly & Super Light .

From User Interface to User Experience, Sendroid Ultimate mobile is built with speed, space, performance and accessibility in mind.

Fully Branded for your Business

From app icon to splash screen, your mobile app will be customized with your brand name, logo, color scheme and more..

In Sync with your Web portal.

From sent messages to saved messages, inbox, transactions and more, Sendroid Ultimate mobile maintains a constant sync with data on web version .

Send Message to Phone Contacts.

Sendroid Ultimate mobile allows you to send bulk messages to contacts from your mobile device. Smart way to communicate with family & friends

Ready in 48 hours or Less.

Our developers can have your own customized Sendroid Ultimate mobile app ready to deploy within 48 hours or even less!

Flexible Payment Plans.

No matter what your budget is, we have a payment plan designed just for you. Pay only for what you need.

How It Works

Get the Sendroid Ultimate mobile app customized for your SMS business with 3 easy steps

Step 1,   Order your desired app versions and optional app store listing services

Step 2,   Provide us your Sendroid Ultimate installation URL when requested

Step 3,   Download and install the free mobile conect plug-in on your Sendroid Ultimate

Our app builders will connected to your Sendroid Ultimate and use your colour scheme, logo and branding settings to customize and deliver the mobile application for you within 48 hours

If you purchased Store listing service, we will submit your purchased mobile app versions on the respective app store as well


Items marked with (+) are One-Off payments

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