Setup Twilio Phone Number for Sendroid Ultimate Incoming Messages

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Setup Twilio Phone Number for Sendroid Ultimate Incoming Messages

Just like with most other 2-way message providers, Twilio requires you to set a callback URL on each of the SMS number you create or purchase. 

In this way, Twilio will puch all incoming SMS received on such number to the callback URL via a HTTP request.

First, you need to create a new Incoming SMS gateway on your Sendroid Ultimate using the Incoming SMS Gateway option under Gateway Template. To do this, simply navigate to Settings -> SMS Gateways and click the Create Gateway button.

Once you select the Incoming SMS Gateway template, Sendroid Ultimate will display a notice containing your incoming SMS callback URL.

You will need this URL to setup your Twilio number later.


Buy a phone number, then click Setup Number. Scroll to the Messaging section and find the line that says ?A Message Comes In.?


Fill in the full path to your Sendroid Ultimate Incoming SMS Callback URL (i.e., and click Save.

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