Installing Sendroid Ultimate

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Installing Sendroid Ultimate

Pre-Installation Checks

Before you begin with installation, it is very important  double check that your server met all the System Requirements with special attention to your PHP version and IonCube Loader version.

Note that you may not be able to use Sendroid Ultimate if the system requirements are not met by your server.

Database Connection

Sendroid Ultimate uses MySQL database to store its data. you will need to create a database and database user with minimum permissions to Create, Insert, Alter, Delete, Drop, Truncate and Select.

You can create and manage database connection using phpMyAdmin or other similar tools.

Please take note of the database name, username and password you created as you will need them to complete your Sendroid Ultimate installation.

Getting Sendroid Ultimate on your Server

For best results, we recommend you install Sendroid Ultimate under a sub-domain of your main SMS website domain.

1, Download the latest version of Sendroid Ultimate installer from your vendor

2, Extract and Upload the entire contents in the "Installer" directory to the desired directory on your web server (including the .htaccess file)

Installing Sendroid Ultimate

1, Launch the Sendroid Ultimate installer by navigating to your Sendroid Ultimate directory from a web browser. Eg.

2, Click the Start Fresh Installation button

3, Read the End User License Agreement then check the " I accept Software License Agreement" check box to accept and click the Proceed button

4, Enter your database connection details and your desired Supper Admin email address and click the Proceed button to continue

5,  If your database connection details are correct, Sendroid Ultimate will create all necessary database structures and data  within a few seconds. Please do not interrupt this process. 

Upon completion, you will be presented your new supper admin credentials along with other important information.

6, Read and take note of your super admin login details as well as other important information regarding your new installation then click Finish to close the installer and launch Sendroid Ultimate. 

7, On the next screen, you will be required to validate your Sendroid Ultimate license. Enter your license key or Purchase code in the field and validate. 

Ensure you have a working network connection before you complete this step.

If your license is valid, your Sendroid Ultimate will be activated instantly and you will be able to start using the system.

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