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FAQs about Sendroid!

Common questions about Sendroid Ultimate!

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Sendroid Ultimate is a bulk SMS script for bulk SMS portals and bulk SMS marketers. It offers tools to resell or offer bulk SMS services to end-users among other functions

How Sendroid Ultimate Works - Sendroid sends to your Gateway using API and your gateway delivers to receiver's phone

As a Bulk SMS software, Sendroud Ultimate depends mostly on your SMS Gateway as well as your Hosting Server

Firstly, You need to purchase and install Sendroid Ultimate on your Hosting Server You can get one here

Next you need to choose an SMS gateway provider that you will deliver your messages. You will need atleast one provider for any message type you wnat to offer or use on your Sendroid Ultimate, including WhatsApp. You take a look at these good providers; SMSKit.net (Text/Unicode), Infobip (Text/Voice/Unicode/Flash), Waboxapp.com (WhatsApp)

Now create an account with your choice of SMS gateway provider(s) and add some funds to your account. The gateway provider will always tell you how much your messages will cost

Your SMS gateway provider will give you an API with some credentails fto enable you integrate their gateway on Sendroid Ultimate. Use those information to setup your gateway on Sendroid Ultimate. Our documentation covers this process well. Click here if to order our setup service if needed.

Now, each time you or your customer sends a message from your Sendroid Ultimate, the same message is forwarded to your SMS gateway provider who then delivers it to the receiver's handset

If you set a rate for the message, Sendroid Ultimate will deduct the amount from your customers balance.

Sendroid Ultimate is a PHP application. You need a web server that can run PHP scripts to use Sendroid Ultimate.

Please Visit the system requirements section to see detailed server requirements

Sendroid Ultimate allows you to send bulk WhatsApp messages just like all other supported message types

To you this feature, you must integrate a WhatsApp provider's API on Sendroid Ultimate. You can find some Here

Because most WhatsApp providers doesn't allow bulk WhatsApp messaging, Sendroid ultimate ensures that only a certain number of messages are sent every minute. All messages are sent one recipient at a time

WhatsApp messaging doesn't support dynamic sender ID. This means that all messages sent from your gateway will be delivered using the WhatsApp number you supplied to the gateway provider.

Sendroid Ultimate supports a wide-range of HTTP API. If your API supports HTTP GET or POST and returns a defined success response upon submission of a message to it (e.g. send, OK, 0), then it will work out-of-the box with Sendroid Ultimate

If your API isn't compatible, we can build a gateway module that will enable you integrate it on Sendroid.

With a Pro License, you have a Free life-time access to Upgrades as well as access to all Pro Features but with Regular you do not. See License comparison here for more information

Yes you can. At the time of upgrade, we will charge you the price difference between Regular license and Pro license then issue you a new license.

Once you get your Pro License key, simply login to your Sendroid Ultimate admin, navigate to Settings -> System Information then click on the Update License button to apply your new license.

Note that your regular license becomes invalid once you upgrade to Pro

We offer Free complementary Basic support with all purchase. You will have life-time access to our support basic system including Documentations, FAQs, Community and ticket.

Our basic support service is available Monday - Friday, 9:00am - 5:30pm (Nigeria Time)

We also offer an optional Extended Support service on a monthly subscription bases. You can Find out more here

Click Here to learn about our support terms

To be able to use the White-Label reseller feature on Sendroid Ultimate, you need to;

- Purchase a Pro License
- Install Sendroid Ultimate under a sub-domain
- Assign a Dedicated IP address to the sub-domain

You you can but you will need to develop a Payment Module for your payment gateway. You can Check here to see if there is already a module for your payment gateway or contact us to build one for you also.

You can find Sendroid Ultimate modules and add-ons at the Official Marketplace Here

Yes. Sendroid Ultimate uses a language file which means you can translate it to other languages.

You can also find installable language packs Here

No. Your Sendroid Ultimate license can only be used with a single installation user a single domain. You will need additional licenses if you wish to use the product on multiple domains.

You can move your Sendroid Ultimate to a different domain. However, you will need to completely remove any component of the script from your previous location and contact us for license transfer.

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